17 Best Survey Site to Earn Money.

Best Survey Site to Earn Money.

If you are looking to earn some money from internet by doing online survey for 15 to 20 minute. Then here is some list for you start your survey, only you need a computer or laptop and good internet connection. Many people are making money just by doing online job home. This is best part time job to earn money from home.

1. Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is top because it not only a survey site. It is site where you can earn through watching videos, playing games, surfing etc. Swagbucks gives SB in the form of points and this SB will be redeem into a cash later. You can also earn daily 1SB by doing daily polls everyday.
Best way to earn SB:
Doing Survey.
Watching Videos.
Playing Games.
Online Shopping.
Using Swagbucks Search engine.

Minimum cashout for paypal is $25 that means you need 2,500 SB to turn into $25 for paypal transfer, amazon gift card is also available.

2. Toluna.

Toluna is another great online survey platform for earning. Toluna paid surveys is run by Toluna Group- UK digital marketing and research company. On registration and providing basic information, you will be invited to take on the survey which matches with your profile.The surveys last for 15-20 minutes and you earn gift cards, vouchers, testing products and of course cash rewards.

When it comes to rewards, Toluna has a high minimum redemption requirement of 30,000 points for $10 gift cards and merchandise prizes. The rewards also include PayPal cash which is available in $30 increments and requires 90,000 points for the basic $30 reward. Other survey sites can be lucrative if you only want to earn cash.

You might also enjoy redeeming your points for “gifties.” This reward category allows you to buy apps, magazine subscriptions, and other trinkets for as little as 50 points. Or, you can enter prize sweepstakes starting at 500 points per entry.

3. Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie is an online platform where members can sign-up to complete surveys and other tasks for cash rewards. It is very easy to use open survey junkie on browser create free account, choose the category and select best category survey which suit you complete your survey and start earning.

You need paypal account  to redeem your point, you will get $10 for 1000 point. Minimum payout is $10 which is not difficult according to me. Sign up now and try it.

4. Global Test Market.

A very popular site founded in 1999 backed by the company Lightspeed -a Global leader in providing Market research. Registering on the site is a simple process and you can become a member just by signing up.

Once you've reached 1,000 points you can cash-out of Global Test Market. The value of these points is $50 (US) and payment is made via paypal account.

Global Test Market also offers daily prize draws with a worth $300 dollars and a monthly prize worth $5,000. Should you win this money can be converted into South African Rand. Every time you complete a survey with Global Test Market you receive 3 entries into these draws.

5. Vindale Research.

Vindale is another great survey site to earn extra cash from home. Get paid to take surveys online. Vindale is the secure, reliable and free survey site for anyone who wants to earn money online. Vindale Research will match you to paid surveys based on your country and location.

Minimum cashout in Vindale is $50 you will get paid by two option paypal account or check. For people residing other countries from USA or Canada paypal is best option. You will get $2 instantly as joining bonus.

6. iSurvey World.

iSurvey World, found at isurveyworld.com, is a market research company that helps you get paid to take surveys.iSurveyWorld gives people an opportunity to make some money by signing up and taking the survey provided.Focusing mainly on entertainment and product research, iSurveyWorld offers a $5 sign-up bonus.

The more you take the survey, the more you earn. Once you reach a minimum cashout balance, you can get the amount credited to your PayPal account.The cashout minimum is set at $25, and they payout with PayPal cash when you've reached the threshold.

7. Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research is one of the most sought after survey panels to join. They have been around for many years, and consistently rank as one of the highest rated survey panels on the internet. They are run by Nielsen, a huge media company based out of New York City.

Every time you complete a regular online survey with Pinecone Research, you will be awarded $3. On occasion, product tests or special survey opportunities are offered which pay differently/more. Note that although Pinecone recently changed to a “points” system, you can still cash-out your earnings with a $1 minimum balance worth of points.

Once you’ve successfully completed a survey, you may request that you be issued a $3 payment to your PayPal account. PayPal payments are processed within 3-5 business days without any extra fees.Pinecone also paid via Check, you can also go amazon gift card which will be directly delivered to your email.

8. YouGov.

YouGov is an international survey site that strives to supply companies, governments, and institutions with data on what the population is thinking and doing.  This information is used to better serve the people who sustain and patronize these places.

You'll probably find their surveys to be a bit more interesting to take than the ones you do for other market research companies who primarily want your opinions on products and services. YouGov asks you about social issues, news, and other interesting topics.

Once you sign up with YouGov, using a verified email account, you will create a profile.  The profile will also inform YouGov as to the types of surveys and the types of industries in which you would enjoy. A typical survey can be between 5 to 20 minutes long with an average of 20 to 30 questions.

YouGov will pay you cash via Paypal or prepaid cards, gift cards to stores and restaurants, along with a number of other types of rewards. You need at least 5,000 points in your account to redeem for anything, and your points will never expire. 5,000 points is the equivalent of $25. You'll have to allow at least 10 business days for YouGov to send your cash to Paypal if that's the option you chose.

9. ipsos i-say.

Ipsos I-say is another great online survey platform to earn money. Take online surveys on a variety of different topics. Typically earn between 10-100 points for each survey you successfully complete. Survey invitations are sent directly to your inbox for ultimate convenience. Most members will receive about 8 survey invitations per month, depending on their profile demographics.Every survey you complete earns you points. Also, earn loyalty bonus points based on the number of surveys you take each year. You can earn 25 points after finishing five surveys and 600 points for completing 200 surveys.

After each survey, you are automatically entered into a prize drawing for fun awards like a Caribbean vacation or 5,000 bonus I-Say points.Exchange your points for a payment to your PayPal account (1,530 points = $15 PayPal payment). Available in select countries or exchange your points for e-voucher to your favorite stores including Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and more. e-Vouchers come in $5-$15 denominations (500-1500 points) and are typically instantly delivered after request.

Members of i-Say will receive entries into various prize draws just for being active members, for taking surveys, etc. Prizes vary but include things like electronics, vacations, and prize packs.

10. Panel Pay Day.

With Panel PayDay, you can earn a $25 bonus just for signing up. Their website states you can earn up to $25 to $75 for each survey you take. The minimum payout for surveys is $1, but you can earn up to $150 if they select you for a focus group.

There are a few different ways you can earn money with Panel PayDay. You can take online surveys, participate in focus groups and discussion groups, and even become a mystery shopper!

One reason why you can earn money in so many different ways is that Panel PayDay partners with other survey companies that pay you directly. While many survey companies pay you in points that you can save up and redeem for cash or gift cards, the payout method for Panel PayDay surveys is different each time. Sometimes you get paid with cash immediately, and in other instances, they award with points or gift cards.

While Panel PayDay has a notably higher payout potential than other online survey sites, you can only expect to receive between two and four surveys every month. That is a sharp contrast from other sites that will give you at least one per week. But, the higher payout potential can be a worthwhile tradeoff.

Joining Panel PayDay is free. After joining, you can expect to receive your first survey within two weeks. The survey frequency will depend on your personal information and background and if they have any available surveys that would be a good fit for you.

11. Survey Downline.

Survey Downline a popular site with some best referral programs where you get paid for your opinions on the surveys.

The company has different survey method and an evaluation method on the basis of which it pays to it partners.

On Signing up as a partner with Survey Downline you earn lucrative cash rewards where partners can earn upto 35% on each survey they complete.

Well known in Canada, Survey Downline competes with many other online survey sites present in Canada.

How much you earn: You earn can upto $1-$3 for a single survey. The focus group surveys pays you between $1-$20 where you can earn on average $100 per month.

It has an interesting 2-tier referral programme where you earn commission on referring as well earn 10% when you referee takes on any survey.

So you can multiply your chances on high earnings through their referral programme. You can later cash out your earnings through PayPal.

12. VIP Voice.

VIP Voice is an online research panel owned and operated by the NPD Group.
Its parent company was founded in 1967 to provide market information and advisory services to businesses in order to improve decision making.

Today it boasts over 3 million users on its panel and an active and diverse array of available survey industries. It also outsources some of its survey taking operations to the Toluna Group.

VIP Voice has associations with some of the world’s leading companies to help develop them with product development, pricing, distribution and other major decisions by assessing the opinions of consumers as well as retailers.

Unlike other paid survey panels, VIP Voice does not offer direct cash rewards in cash or PayPal form or gift cards (through Amazon or other sites). Instead, members can receive the chance to enter into sweepstakes (SweepLand) and auctions (BidLand) by earning points. SweepLand offers the chance to win prizes like cash, electronics and vacations while BidLand enables members to bid on recent auctions for products and services. Additionally, “instant win” opportunities also exist.

Rather than providing direct cash and other rewards, VIP Voice uses a point system called “VIP Points.”

13. Harris Poll Online.

Harrispollonline.com is a web based online survey and rewards system. It has operating since 1963 in conducting surveys and polls on different subject areas. It is a free to join survey site, minimum age being 13 years old.The site is owned by the Harris Interactive group. The poll rewards system entails reward points after survey which can be used to enter sweepstakes for gift cards or donate to charities which the site has partnered up with.

Once the signing up process is complete, the site connects the user to polls. That way, the user will receive email invites to take surveys. The major incentive for survey takers on the site is the point rewards system at the end of each survey.Each survey has a different value, however, survey takers are not notified from the start of this value. Only when they complete the survey do they find out how many points they will earn.

The points can then be used to enter sweepstakes for gift cards (which cannot exceed $10) from amazon.com, iTunes, iCard, restaurants and so forth. Reward points can also be redeemed for magazine subscriptions.It is important to understand that the site does not directly provide cash for surveys.

14. Opinion World.

Opinion world is operated by Survey Sampling International LLC. Empanelled with over 3000 companies, Opinion world helps provide consumer insights to these companies.

Joining is free and you immediately start receiving surveys matching your profile. Ensure the quality of your answers are upto to the mark to earn huge.

How much you earn: Each survey rewards you with 200-1000 points which can be later redeemed with gift cards, vouchers from your favorite brands.

Minimum cashout is $10=1000 points. Cashout can be redeemed using PayPal.

15. MySurvey.

MySurvey is one of the oldest and most reliable survey companies out there. They used to collect opinions using regular snail mail, then the telephone, and starting in 2001 they began offering surveys via their website. MySurvey is a good paying survey panel and usually sends at least 2-3 survey invites per week. It should be part of everyone's collection of paid survey panels. Cash outs are easy and only require you to build up $10 worth of points. Also, most of the surveys are quite short, so you don't get burnt out on taking long surveys.

While mysurvey.com is one of the legitimate and therefore relatively reputable survey sites out there, it does have its problems which could be deal breakers for those who are looking for consistent and reliable ways to make a few dollars with the extra time that they have.

The points system is a major thing that it not helping the site’s reputation. One point does not equate to one dollar. The conversion rate is $10 dollars per 1000 points which means hours and hours of filling up surveys before you can actually expect a payout.

16. iPoll.

iPoll is a reputed international survey site. The site emphasize on sharing your unique perspective on the survey.

They are paid surveys from the market research companies and hence you need to undergo a demographic test before every survey to qualify.

How much you earn: Signup and earn quick $5 in your account. You also earn popular gift card from your favorite brand and can enter $10000 quarterly raffle.

The minimum cashout is $25 which can be transferred to your PayPal account.

17. Nielsen Research.

Nielsen, a leading global information & measurement company, provides market research, insights & data about what people watch.
Nielsen is a renowned company and a market leader in market research with its footprints present globally. This survey company helps brands and companies with insights on consumer behavior. Their surveys are focused on internet related products & services.

How much you earn: One of the most prestigious company in the online surveys world, you can make upto $15000 per month depending on the number of surveys you take.

The survey sites are good for earning extra cash for extra pocket money, because it takes only 20 to 30 minutes to complete one or two survey. But we must know the fact that mostly these survey sites target the people belonging from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, their chances of income from this site is very high but people from countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other underdeveloped countries have less opportunities. But it is possible to earn 10000/- to 15000/- per month from this sites, because some people are already earning from this site. You only need patience while doing this and fully understand about your surveys. If you understand your surveys than you’ll lose it. Try to take all survey site in this way you will get more and more surveys.

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