Arunachal Pradesh.

 Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh is known as the Land of rising sun is the homeland of some 24 indegenious tribes and many other subtribes or groups.Each tribe/sub tribe have distinctive Cutlure,  Custom, Tradition and Language of their own. On 20 January 1972 inaugurating Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh Mrs. Indira Gandhi announce Ziro as Headquarter of Subansiri District.The Union Territory was carving out from the administrative area popularly known as NEFA (North East Frontier Agency) since 1954 from Assam under North East Reorganise Act. of No. 81 of 1971. The name was suggested by Shri B. D Shashtri the then Director of Research and accepted by the Agency council 10th and 11th August 1970. Shri S.C Sinha the chief minister of Assam  and K.A.A Raja, Adviser and T.C Hazarik, DC, member of the Agency Council and other were present. 

Name and Statehood.

Arunachal Pradesh has attained the statehood through different stages of constitutional and administrative development. Arunachal Pradesh was known as NEFA (North East Frontier Agency)  since 1954 and the present name was given on 20th January 1972 while inaugurating as the Union Territory by Mrs. Indira Gandhi,  Prime Minister of India. On 20th February 1987 Union Territory became full fledge 24th State of the Union of India,  inaugurated by the Shri Rajiv Gandhi Prime Minister of India with 30 membber of Legislative Assembly initially and expanded to 60 MLAs in 1990. The state is represented in Parliament by 3 MPs viz. 2 Lok Sabha and 1 Rajya Sabha. The 3 tier Panchayat Raj system has effevtively been fuctioning in the State since 1969 parrallely with the traditional village councils and Political institutional. 

Capital : Itanagar. 

Chief Minister : Pema Khandu. 

State Animals : The Mithun (Bos Frontalis).

State Bird : The Hornbill.

State Flower : Orchid 

Location and Boundaries

Arunachal Pradesh is situated on extreme Nort-Eastern tip of Union of India in the Trans-Himalayan region between the Latitude of 26` 28`N and 29`33`N and Longitude 91`31`E and 97` 30` E.  The famous Mac-Mohan line bounded in the foothills region. The length of International boundary is 1928 kms. viz 157 kms with Indo-Bhutan 1030 kms, the Mac-Mohan line line and 441 kms Indo-Myanmar. The length of inner line or political boundary with Assam and Nagaland is 618.5 kms and 58 kms(apprx.) respectively. The republic of China is on North, Bhutan on the West and Myanmar on the Eastern side. 

Area,Population and States

The Arunachal Pradesh has an area of 83,743 sq. kms. Total population of state is 1383727(Population Census 2011). 
1. Sex Ratio : 938 Female per 1000 Male. 
2. Child Sex Ratio : 972 Female per 1000 Male. 
3. Density : 17 person per sq. kms.
4. Highest population District : Papumpare
5. Lowest population District : Kurung Kumey

State has presently 22 numbers of District

District.                          Headquarter.

Longding                             : Longding
Tirap                                    : Khonsa
Changlang                           : Changlang
Lohit                                    : Tezu
Namsai                                  Namsai
Anjaw                                   Hawai
Dibang Valley                      Anini
Lower Dibang Valley          Roing
East Siang                           Pasighat
Upper Siang                       Yingkiong
Lower Siang                       Likabali
West Siang                         Along
Siang                                  Pangin
Upper Subansiri                 Daporijo
Lower Subansiri                Ziro
Papumpare                        Yupia
Kurung Kumey                 Koloriang
Kradaadi                           Jamin
East Kameng                    Seppa
West Kameng                   Bomdila
Tawang                             Tawang
Kamle                               Raga

Arunachal Pradesh is widely known as the land of peace. The state has enough potentiallity for development of Agriculture, Horticulture,  Pisiculture,  Animal Husbandary Veterinary and Diary. Hydel Power,  Textile & Handicraft and Forest base industries etc.  and Tourism. Meseum and Craft Emporiums,  beautiful towns and model villages fair and festivals are important tourist places. The people are advance in all spheres and mingled with the main stream of India culture and Tradition. 

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